We are not HUMAN anymore

Yes we evolved from animals and became humans. But when we started fighting with each other, we were not humans, actually are not humans anymore.

We have developed a lot of things, technologies, more than enough for each of us on this earth to survive happily. More than enough for us to survive forever if our earth doesn’t get destroyed. We have already developed everything, whatever we need. We landed on the moon, we know how the mars surface looks like, we know how far is the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and each and every planet in our solar system. We even calculated the size of this universe. We should be proud, we are geniuses, we are humans, superior Animals. Yes ANIMALS. We are animals.

If you ask anyone how far the sun is from earth, most of them can answer it easily. If not, you can simply search it and google will show it on the very first page, even not going to visit any website that is also 100% accurate, metre by metre. Woahh, google is big, it knows everything. WTF, you don’t need to ask anyone, you can ask google, even google can’t give you the answer, how many people are dying due to hunger, war, terrorism, mafia, crime. We don’t know how many people died last due to hunger, 2000 km far from our place, but we know how the surface of mars looks like, which is 209.66 million km from earth.

Millions of people are dying due to hunger, lack of water, shelter. This is a shame on me, on us, on mankind, humanity. We don’t have rights to call ourselves human. Our earth is big enough to feed us each, provide enough space for shelter, and water. This whole earth is our common. Each one has the right to each and everything of this nature. Even if we don’t have enough food, water or space, we can’t say that we don’t have, because each one of us knows that we are capable enough to produce enough. We already are producing enough, actually more than enough food, water, and shelter. If we stop production of each and everything by today, we still would have enough on this earth to feed us for maybe 1 month. After 1 month, let’s open the production for 1 week only, we would be able to produce for another 3 months. We know that we are capable of that. On the other hand, people a few hundred km away don’t have food to eat for weeks. The figures that I am including here might not be correct, but the point is that we all know, people are dying due to hunger. Even if 1 person is dying like that, then this is shame on us. We are capable of saving him, but we are letting him die.

Let’s think carefully, we can become human again. If this continues like this, then very soon we all are going to die, if not because of hunger, then at least because of anger or ego or something else. We don’t actually need any further development, if we are not able to utilize the development that we have right now in a proper manner. Nothing is going to change, and we are not going to be benefited from this.



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